You've probably never planned a wedding before.


You enjoy planning things yourself.


We can teach you how to plan the wedding of your dreams.

we are ADORIST



Adorist was founded by a husband and wife team that spent their entire adult lives planning all types of events throughout the nation.

Jessica loved to serve, was a creative butterfly, and was best friends with everyone she met. Rob was organized, could build anything, and loved to plan. After 20 years of event planning (and thousands of events) they left their corporate jobs and dedicated all of their time to making wedding dreams come true. 



Hi, I'm Jess!

I spent a decade in event marketing - planning events for corporate clients all across the country. It was fun, kept me super-busy, and helped our clients - but there was something missing. 

After realizing I had more to offer, I joined a mega-church as their lead Event Director. I did over 200 events per year! Busy, busy! I was more fulfilled, and I was helping people every day, but I was also burning out. That's when I started Adorist Wedding and Events, and never looked back. 

If you're ready to plan the wedding of your dreams, eliminate stress, and create memories that will last forever, I'm ready to get you there.


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"We all think our wedding will go smoothly and that we can handle it. I thought the same thing and had my doubts about whether I should have spent the money. I am telling you, you cannot predict what’ll happen on your day and you want people who are experts in a crisis. This team proved themselves and I’m forever grateful. Get yourself people who will lunge themselves at your veil in tandem to save it from possibly catching fire on a rogue candle lol! Thank you Adorist!"

Remya P

"The entire Adorist team was very attentive to the smallest details, fixed any problems promptly and easily, made sure the schedule ran as planned and kept everyone informed of any changes. When the flowers did not fit in the vases, she cut so many stems that she had blisters. When the DJ was playing songs on the Do Not Play list, she addressed the issue and corrected it. We are so grateful for choosing Adorist Weddings and Events and believe that the wedding was a huge success due to their care of the happy couple and their families."

Debbie K